I will soon be looking for outstanding candidates interested in joining the team to work on my ERC Consolidator grant as well as on a newly awarded EPSRC project on the use of data science for the detection of emerging music styles. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the team as a PhD student or postdoc, or if you would like to visit my group.

In case you're wondering: my first name ('Tijl') is pronounced ok as 'tell', and my last name ('De Bie' -- 'De' is not a middle name) as 'the bee'... (which is what it means!)

Good, now we can talk :-)

Currently I'm a Reader/Associate Professor at the University of Bristol, Department of Engineering Mathematics, and I'm part of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory.

My interests are centred around data science in the broad sense and its applications. Some of the areas I'm particularly interested in are: music information retrieval, bioinformatics, web and text mining, and media analysis. My theoretical focus is currently on subjective interestingness in data mining.

Research team members

  • Dr. Jefrey Lijffijt will soon be joining the team!
  • Dr. Matt McVicar will soon be re-joining the team!
  • Now recruiting outstanding candidates with an interest in data mining and/or music information retrieval. Please contact me.

Former research team members

  • Andrew Pickin (now at StilGiyin)
  • Akis Kontonasios (now at Accenture-Analytics)
  • Eirini Spyropoulou (now at Toshiba Research Labs)
  • Matt McVicar (now at National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
  • Nick Fyson (now at Imperial College London)
  • Omar Ali (now with Palantir Technologies)
  • Tristan Snowsill (now at the Peninsula Technology Assessment Group (PenTAG) in Exeter)
  • Raul Santos-Rodriguez (now at University of Valencia)
  • Ni Yizhao (now at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center)

Contact me if you would like to join us!