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My work is supported by the European Commission through an ERC Consolidator Grant FORSIED (project number 615517), as well as by the EPSRC project EP/M000060/1. See for further information about ongoing funded projects of which I am the Principal Investigator.

Research projects I am currently working on and have worked on in the recent past include:

  • Statistical foundations of Data Mining (with Jefrey Lijffijt, Bo Kang, Wouter Duivesteijn, Akis Kontonasios, Eirini Spyropoulou, and Tristan Snowsill).
  • Machine Learning for Music Information Retrieval (with Matt McVicar, Ni Yizhao, and Raul Santos Rodriguez).
  • Web and Text Mining and Media Analysis (with Matt McVicar, Cedric Mesnage, Andrew Pickin, Omar Ali, Nick Fyson, and Tristan Snowsill).
  • Much of my PhD work and some work after my PhD was on advanced Machine Learning methods, such as semi-supervised learning, data fusion, and structured output prediction.
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning applications to Bioinformatics.
  • Theory of Pattern Analysis, and the development of a unifying framework for pattern analysis (joint with Nello Cristianini and John Shawe-Taylor).

Besides these research projects, I am also interested in commercial and industrial applications of data mining, statistical data analysis, and machine learning, via academic-industrial collaborations as well as in a consulting role, or by delivering tailored training courses. Please contact me for more information.